5 Do-It-Yourself Projects to Make with Empty Wine Bottles

Make Oil Lanterns From Wine Bottles

There are tons and tons of do-it-yourself projects out there for what to do with empty wine bottles. Now since I make my own wine […]

5 Ways of Decorating with the Things You Love

Decorate Your Wall With Your Guitar Collection

It always bothers me when I hear about “real” decorators telling people what should and shouldn’t be used to decorate and what is and isn’t […]

How to Get a Super Smooth Finish on Your DIY Projects

Using Printer Paper for Glass Smooth Finish on Your Do-It-Yourself Projects

I know most people who have built their own do-it-yourself furniture or projects from wood tend to approach the the last step of the process […]

Using Pennies as Flooring or Table Top Surface

Floor of Pennies

If you like the metallic look then you’ll love this. I have seen this in a few different places now, pennies used as flooring or […]

Build a Bench From an Old Coffee Table

Turn a Coffee Table into a Bench

I found this little project while searching for ways to inexpensively fill out my new master bedroom. Having a bench at the foot of the […]

How To Build a Secret Bookcase Door

Hidden Door Bookcase

I’ve wanted a door hidden behind a bookcase in my house ever since I saw one watching Scooby Doo when I was a kid. Now […]

Build a Sunken Drink Chiller into Your Patio Table

Use a Gutter as a Sunken Drink Chiller in Your Patio Table

This is a brilliant yet simple idea to update your patio furniture for entertaining. Adding a sunken drink chiller to the middle of a picnic […]

Make Home Office Storage From an Old Shutter

Old Shutter Used for Home Office Storage

I’m sure even in the digital age we all still have too much paper work laying around. It’s pretty much inevitable. That’s why I love […]