5 Ways of Decorating with the Things You Love

Credit: robohara Decorate Your Wall With Your Guitar Collection

It always bothers me when I hear about “real” decorators telling people what should and shouldn’t be used to decorate and what is and isn’t right for a room. Shouldn’t you feel comfortable and happy when you walk into your room? And what better way to do that than by surrounding yourself with the things you love. Here are 5 do-it-yourself projects that combine passions with decorating.

1Wall of Guitars
Decorate Your Wall With Your Guitar Collection

Credit: robohara

If you’re a music lover and just happen to play the guitar why not use your collection in some do-it-yourself design by mounting them on the wall for display.


2Vintage Traveler
Use Vintage Suitcases For Storage

Credit: Salvage Studio

If you love to travel then why not remind yourself of all the adventures left to have by using a stack vintage suitcases to store some of your more uncommon items.


3Storage for the Bookworms
Shelf Made from Old Books

Credit: Instructables

When you’re such a bookworm that just having a shelves full of books isn’t enough why not make the shelves themselves out of recycled books.


4What to Do When the Wine’s All Gone
Mike Modular Storage Shelves From Wine Crates

Credit: casasugar

Go to your local wine store and ask for some of the left over wooden crates. Sometimes they’ll give them to you or charge a small amount. And then you have ready made modular storage with some character. And let’s face it, they’re quite a few steps up from milk crates.


5One More for the Travelers
Use Steamer Trunk as Kitchen BuffetWhen the suitcase aren’t enough nothing echoes old time travel like a vintage steamer trunk or two. Great for storage but also do well as an end table or kitchen buffet and they always add a lot of character to the room.

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