I’ve had a dream for quite some time now… to one day build a home where everything was made by my hand. From the foundation to the walls and even the artwork and frames on those walls. Since then the demands of life have slightly tempered my perspective on building every last thing personally but I do still like to leave my mark on life where I can. After all isn’t that the basic point, to try to enjoy the time you have and leave things a little better than you found them.

So that’s what build your own style is about. A place to highlight the best do-it-yourself projects I find on the web and to provide step-by-step tutorials for my own, original do-it-yourself projects so others, like me, can get some satisfaction out of leaving their mark on their life and home.

So please feel free to use the information you find here for do-it-yourself projects around your own home, help improve the projects by posting your comments or even send me a note if you would like to share one of your own projects.

Well, I guess that’s it. Enjoy!