Make Home Office Storage From an Old Shutter

Photo Credit: Old Shutter Used for Home Office Storage

Old Shutter Used for Home Office Storage

I’m sure even in the digital age we all still have too much paper work laying around. It’s pretty much inevitable. That’s why I love this idea. A simple way to organize your bills, tax information or whatever other kind of paperwork you have building up in your home office using an old shutter mounted to the wall. Just slide your paper between the louvres and voila, instant organization while improving accessibility.



I already know that this idea isn’t going to stop with organizing my home office. I could see a shutter cut into¬†sections and mounted on the backsplash under the kitchen cabinets. Besides that’s where all the mail seems to pile up first before making it to their respective rooms, like the home office, where I pile it up there.

Reliabilt Louvered Closet Doors Perfect for Magazine Storage


And since I’m still a paper magazine junky (I’m trying to get better at using my iPad) I picture a larger version of this mounted on the wall to organize all the magazines and newspapers that tend to pile up before I have a chance to read them. I used to have slotted closet doors that would work perfectly for this.


Find the shutter storage idea at :

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